How much room you need?

As a general rule we usually rent in the above sizes. Depending on how much stuff you have will depend on your choice of room.

A 25 Sq ft = 25% of a single garage. Configured as 5 x 5ft room

(enough for boxes and some tools but not much else).

A 50 Sq ft = 50% of a single garage. Configured as 5 x 10ft room

(Room for a motorbike, but no room to work on it).

A 75 Sq ft = A luton van or (you guessed it) 75% of a single garage. Configured as 7.5 x 10ft room (Plenty of space to run around in, providing you didn’t store anything).

A 100 Sq ft = perhaps a full single garage? Configured as a 10 x 10 ft or  5 x 20 ft depending on what’s available (man cave size or more likely all the stuff out of the actual garage, so you can park your car).

Still not sure? or think you might need more?

Maybe you need to call us. After all we are the experts.